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AKIBA DORI | Japanese

This Japanese pad is known for its Tokyo Neapolitan Pizzas! Who knew? We ordered the Diavola with its tomato sauce, homemade beef sausage, greek kalamata olives, mozzarella, fresh dry chilli flakes, olive oil and basil. To be honest, the homemade beef sausage looked and tasted of minced beef, so not sure where the sausage came in, BUT… this was one of the best pizzas we’ve had in Dubai to date! The dough is very similar to naan bread, the difference is that it is incredibly light and fluffy and although the pizza base got very soggy in the middle due to the freshly made tomato sauce, the taste was exceptional. It’s delivered to your table straight from the pizza oven, don’t delay and eat it while it’s hot to get the most out of those flavours.

The Diavola Pizza

Arriving at different intervals and in a somewhat strange order, we were next brought the Yaki Udon, stir-fried wagyu beef udon noodles with a measly portion of albeit superbly flavoured beef in comparison to the rest of the noodle dish, sprinkled over the top. The meals are perfect for sharing, but they are quite dear. We had also ordered the Akiba Rock Shrimps served with a spicy mayo sauce and it was a stretch to finish between the 2 of us. You wouldn’t want to order it if you were eating solo as it would be far too much. All these dishes were delicious hot, so you really don’t want to waste time and let them cool down as they end up losing their magic.

Yaki Udon
Akiba Rock Shrimps

We then received the Wagyu Katsu Sando which had lured us to this place to begin with. Coated in Panko, deep fried and served on toasted bread with a honey Katsu sauce, the Grade A5 Wagyu Beef I would have to question. Also, the slice of Wagyu was rather thin, so any flavour from the premium meat was overwhelmed by the bread and sauce, which was a shame. It was not a melt in your mouth moment, but the pizza made up for it and I think this is a place to come back to with a group.

Wagyu Katsu Sando
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