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CARINE | Mediterranean Cuisine

A lovely new addition to Dubai’s food scene! Carine is a chic little restaurant situated in the Emirates Golf Club. Described online to have French Mediterranean inspired dishes seems somewhat inaccurate although the menu is written in French with English translations, but this is farther stretched from French inspiration (there are a few inspirations of course), but this is Mediterranean inspired as a whole.

The waiter starts you off with a round of different brown breads to choose from to enjoy with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The golden brown focaccia is to die for! I could have eaten it for dessert! The beetroot salad with goats cheese and pistachios is a little plate of heaven with its citrus balsamic coulis and we were recommended the lobster house salad, a special of the evening. I’d heard good things about the ‘tarte fine à la truffe’ and it is essentially a thin crust truffle pizza and not a tart, but delicious non the less.

Beetroot Salad with Goats Cheese
Lobster House Salad
Tarte Fine à la Truffe

As a party of 5, we each went for our own mains with the pretext to not share our orders except for the sides of ratatouille and gratin dauphinois. Not an easy feat with my right hand side neighbour who managed to wangle a taste from everyone. The grilled tiger prawns with apple-harissa relish were a big hit, as was the saganaki prawns (originally with mussels on the menu) with tomato sauce, feta cheese and french fries. I ordered the roasted filet of seabass with tomato sauce and sumac rice and it was delicious!

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Apple-Harissa Relish
Saganaki Prawns
Roasted Filet of Seabass with Tomato Sauce and Sumac Rice

It is important to mention, that on arrival, if you fancy a tarte tatin for dessert, you may want to reserve one along with the starters as it takes 40 minutes to freshly prepare and they sell out fast.

The famous Tarte Tatin!

Carine is also open for breakfast so we will be back to try it. We will be looking forward to the weather cooling down again so we can dine out on the terrace that looks onto the green. Thank you Carine!

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