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CRUMB & CO | Hand Rolled Doughnuts Freshly Made

We have found THE doughnuts! These babies contain no preservatives, artificial flavourings or agents. Crumb & Co’s fabulous light and fluffy doughnuts are superb and best eaten straight from the box the minute they are delivered so you get them in their freshest state.

The only problem is that there is no option to collect them yourself, which would have been my first choice. Your only choice is to order them and expect a delivery between 1pm and 5pm the next day, and you can’t be sure when exactly. I can tell you that, now we know how good they are, the next time we order the wait is going to be tough!

We ordered the Everything Box (they all come in a box of 6 – you unfortunately cannot order less so invite friends over to share them) with Option 2 for our first order, which came with Vanilla, Passionfruit Curd, Coconut Cream, Blueberry Cream Cheese, Plain Sugared and Vanilla x Raspberry. The generous and delicious fillings ooze out with every bite, which is fantastic. I prefer them simple, and the Vanilla Custard and Plain Sugared were my favourites..

We were in Alserkal Avenue for the Good Vibes Market over the weekend for a very special “supper club” lunch during the Dubai Food Festival and Crumb & Co were there with a pop-up stand. You can bet we went over to order a Vanilla custard each!

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