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3 FILS DESSERTS | Contemporary Desserts

Brix Desserts might not be opened just yet, but they will be soon and are located right next door to 3 Fils (their sister restaurant) in the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1. These desserts however, are 3 Fils own in-house ones, so there is no waiting to have them. 3 Fils serves the starters, mains and these beauts, and Brix Desserts is going to serve you exactly that – desserts. What’s not to love?

I need to point out, that this is my FAVOURITE DESSERT EVER!!! Introducing, the Toothfairy! With its saffron meringue, sour violet curd and blackberries, there is never enough on the plate. I’ve lost count on how many times we’ve had this, but we never go to 3 Fils and not have it to end our meal. It’s a masterpiece of flavours.

The Toothfairy with saffron meringue, sour violet curd and blackberries.

The African Powerhouse is also fabulous! With its rich, smooth and creamy Ghana dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla ice cream, your chocolate cravings will be taken care of within seconds of that first bite.

The African Powerhouse with Ghana dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla ice cream.

When things taste this good, there is no time to waste! Have you tried them yet?

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