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BRD BY SLAB | Fried Chicken

BRD by SLAB is a fried chicken eatery by the same people who brought us the unique artisanal sandwich shop SLAB in La Mer. Taking the classic American fried chicken fast food concept to another level, BRD clearly appeals to the Dubai market, judging by its compact but bustling venue.

By ‘another level’, we mean the quality of the ingredients, which you notice instantly upon biting into one of their tender and natural chicken pieces, which are a very welcome change to the processed poultry mush that makes up the chicken nuggets and burgers of the world’s global fast food chains.

BRD by SLAB order counter

Unfortunately, they have taken up another American fast food staple – the sugar levels! We made the mistake of ordering the Chicken Tenders with a honey glaze, and the sweetness was overpowering. Definitely get these dry if you’re not looking for your fried chicken to turn into dessert. They come with a choice of 2 sauces which are unnecessary with the glaze, and the Honey Mustard was pretty much just honey, with something related to mustard possibly in there somewhere. However, this is good fried chicken nonetheless, and if you don’t want your sweetness levels through the roof, go for the tenders without the glaze.

Sandwiches and glazed Chicken Tenders

They were out of the Salt N’ Pepper fries so we were offered the plain ones instead, which were very average frozen chips tossed into the deep fryer. For some reason, I had expected fresh cut home-made French fries, which would have worked a treat.

We went for the Ranchy Savage sandwich with white cheese, smoky bacon, tomato, ranch dressing and potato roll, and the Americano sandwich with cheese sauce, jalapeno and smoky bacon. The chicken is perfectly crisp on the outside and lovely and tender on the inside, but they need to go easy on the sauce. You can opt to have your chicken grilled if you don’t want it deep fried.

Glazed Chicken Tenders

I would suggest eating a sandwich on the spot for the crispy freshness as I had once ordered a SLAB Burger for delivery and it had been a disappointment. It had not travelled well.

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