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BRIX | Contemporary Dessert Bar & Chocolates

It was the first time we had made it over to BRIX, 3 Fils’ sister dessert bar next door, since it opened its doors to the public. 3 Fils has 2 of Dubai’s most delicious desserts which we never fail to order when we’re there – The Tooth Fairy and the African Powerhouse – so BRIX had a lot to live up to!

To start with, we were offered to try some of their homemade artisan (and shockingly expensive) chocolates, and we decided to taste the Truffle Ball and the Bon Bon Fruit. I need to point out that it had not clicked that the truffle in the truffle ball was not, in fact, your typical chocolate ganache centre coated in cocoa powder, but instead actual “truffle” of the fungal variety. In my humble opinion, chocolate and fungi truffle should steer well clear of each other. For the record, I love “truffles” of both varieties – just not combined! It was nice to have saved the delicious Bon Bon Fruit for last, to cleanse the palate and the initial shock of my taste buds.

BRIX handmade chocolates
Truffle Ball and the Bon Bon Fruit Chocolates

Next up, we chose to go for the Ispahan with raspberry, rose lychee milk and sponge cake. This was not a hit in taste or texture. It was a little puddle of rose flavoured milk with a tasteless wet pink sponge and a cut-up raspberry, possibly two. This was far too pricey at AED52 for the gimmick. We would have enjoyed this with just the delicate meringue, cream and raspberries alone. The Napoleon with palm sugar caramel, coffee honey and banana looks exceptional on its plate, but they need to be a little more generous with the caramelised banana as this led the way in flavour over the subtle taste of everything else, but there just wasn’t enough of it. The banana mousse was so incredibly light and airy it was hard to sense its taste.

The Napoleon

Complex desserts are not for everyone, but they are certainly interesting. BRIX is dedicated to serving modern desserts, homemade ice creams and a seasonal tasting menu, so you can be sure to try something new the next time.

3 Fils’ in-house desserts still without a doubt remain the winning combos for us, with their delectable flavours and beautiful textures. They just can’t be beat!

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