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CASSETTE | Modern Parisian Bistro

This good-looking bistro located in the creative hub of The Courtyard, serves breakfast all day as well as a variety of options for lunch and dinner. We’ve been on more than one occasion and the place has always been busy.

Cassette in The Courtyard

We’ve ordered the Savoury Waffle Duck Confit leg with beef bacon, maple syrup and poached egg, and the Pan Seared Chicken with wild mushrooms, garlic confit, sweet corn puree and rosemary chicken jus. Both have been well presented with their signature sliced radish and green trimmings and packed with rich flavours.

The Classic Crème Brûlée is excellent and served with fresh berries. The portion is very generous that we highly recommend it to share with coffees.

Classic Crème Brûlée
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