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DAIKAN | Japanese Ramen

This cosy little ramen joint is becoming quite the talk of the town, and rightly so. Their Ramen is excellent and the place, unique! Tucked away in JLT’s Cluster Y, this is the go-to venue for the authentic dish we so crave. They offer 5 Ramen dishes with chicken broth and one vegetarian option. We went for the Shio option with a salt base, chicken chashu, ajitima egg, scallions and kikurage mushroom and it was perfect. The Chef’s Special with a spicy miso base, chicken chashu, minced chicken, veal bacon, ajitima egg, kimchi, scallions, shallots and menma is quite the feast that it didn’t leave any room to try out the dessert.

Shia Ramen
Chef's Special Ramen

We started this culinary venture with an order of Bao filled with pulled chicken, cucumber pickles, hoisin sauce and kewpie mayo. Their little buns were super light and fluffy, we could easily have ordered more of these if we hadn’t needing to leave room for the noodles. If you like fried chicken, the Karaage of deep-fried marinated and battered chicken with chili kewpie mayo is finger lickin’ good and has the perfect outer crunch. I regret not having tried the Takoyaki octopus croquettes, but that will be a bite to pick for the next visit.


An overall satisfactory first visit. They did a ramen good job!

Open Plan Kitchen
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