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HAUS OF VO | Lunar New Year Menu

Madam Vo’s (@hausofvo) Asian Lunar New Year menu is something quite special and it’s deeply rooted to her Asian cuisine know-how. We could easily have eaten this superb 8-course menu twice over! Haus of Vo collaborated with 4 other lovely locally-produced brands, @simplychefuae (stylish tableware), @candleliers (luxury scented candles), @shauce­_ae (artisanal chilli sauces) and @haiyatea (artisanal teas) for this quarterly themed menu which really is what supper clubs should be all about. We’ve got a very special community of mixed talent out here, it’s especially nice to see so much support towards each other.

Haus of Vo's Lunar New Year Menu

To get us roaring for the Year of the Tiger, Madam Vo put us to work with a ‘Jiaozi’ Chinese crescent-shaped dumpling wrapping tutorial. It’s not easy to make an attractive dumpling – who knew! We made a whole load of ugly, but luckily our Chef knows how to dress up a plate. Good job we didn’t have to make the prawn filling ourselves, there were thankfully no chances of us failing the starters. We got to try the dumplings both steamed and fried – steamed is our favourite, but both equally delicious.

 ‘Jiaozi’ Chinese Crescent-shaped Steamed Dumplings
 ‘Jiaozi’ Chinese Crescent-shaped Fried Dumplings

The ‘Cha Gio’ Vietnamese fried spring rolls were fantastic, and the selection from @shauce_ae complemented them perfectly. Vietnamese spring rolls are so much more delicate with their rice paper sheets, these had the most perfect outer crunch which we ate wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Delicious!

‘Cha Gio’ Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls

The fine dining experience especially starts to show when the Scallops are placed in front of you, nestled in a shell with the orange soft “coral” or roe attached, on a bed of garlic glass noodles. It’s a very pretty plate that I did not photograph well! These 3 starters were all amazing.

Scallops nestled in a shell with the orange soft “coral” or roe attached, on a bed of garlic glass noodles.

For the first part of the mains, we started with a ‘Bo Kho’, an aromatic 48hr slow cooked oxtail tomato stew which really did resonate a lot of love from everyone around the table. This was a special supper club reservation as we all asked to have the traditional pork version of this menu. Our next course was the fabulous succulent pork and crackling, and the seasonal greens. The pork was the highlight for most, you could hear the men sigh when it was finished. It really was cooked to perfection. And the final main course was the ‘Hor Yip Fan’ lotus leaf wrapped rice with chicken.

‘Bo Kho’, an Aromatic 48hr Slow Cooked Oxtail Tomato Stew
Succulent Pork and Crackling
Seasonal Greens

I’ve definitely been ruined by the dessert. I’ve had deep cravings for it since! The Chef’s Dessert was Madam Vo’s spectacular version of an incredibly delicate millefeuille filled with pandan cream. I’m only annoyed that I can’t have this to order whenever I want, and will have to have a serious discussion about how this can be solved! The dessert was followed by tea pairing by @haiyatea which was the perfect ending to the night.

Delicate Millefeuille filled with Pandan Cream
Tea Pairing by @haiyatea

Thank you for a wonderful meal, for great conversations, we had such a great table of guests to share it with. For those who have not yet tried @hausofvo’s Lunar New Year menu, get booking, you have until the end of March. You won’t be disappointed.

Haus of Vo's Supper Club Table Setting

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