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HOME BAKERY | Irresistible Desserts

Founder Hind Al Mulla has hit the jackpot in the magic of baking international recipe favourites which are inspired with authentic local ingredients.

Because of the Home Bakery, I now get ‘cronut’ (hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut with an insanely good filling) cravings, and when I do, I have to give them a call to first find out if they have a fresh batch of Vanilla Cinnamon Cronuts in. I’ll track them down to any one of their branches if they’re not in the Galleria Mall. If they’re in, they have to save two aside for me and we drive our way over to have them with a good cup of coffee. A phone call is necessary, because unless you’re lucky, there’s a good chance they’ve sold out when you turn up, they’re THAT good! Needless to say, Dominique Ansel would be proud his delicious trademark is so well baked by the Home Bakery.

Vanilla Cinnamon Cronuts and Nutella Cronuts
Vanilla Cinnamon Cronuts
Vanilla Cinnamon Cronuts
Vanilla Cinnamon Cronuts
Home Bakery dessert glimpse.

The signature Chewy Melt Cookies are a sensation and the boxed minis make the perfect gift, if not for one’s own gluttony. I never, ever leave without a box. Even after my sought-after cronut!

Delightful decadence, not-so-guilty pleasures… bugger, I want a cronut now!

Home Bakery in the Galleria Mall.
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