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INTERSECT BY LEXUS | Artisanal Organic Cuisine

This brunch turned out to be one of the best new brunch discoveries we’ve made! Like they say on their menu, “Like No Other”. This is a gorgeous venue. The food was superb and the chef will replicate a dish without flinching for vegetarians or vegans when special diets are declared last minute. The brunch is on from 1pm until 4pm and there are lots of dishes to get through, all of which are well timed, never once leaving you hanging or feeling rushed.

The gorgeous marble bar where the salads are served

A selection of 4 salads are set up at the bar for guests to get up and serve themselves as the starting point. You create a plate of harmonious colours with rounded and frilly textures from ingredients you first think won’t be much to write home about (kale and chickpeas for example), but once you get stuck in to actually tasting the partnered flavours, you know this place is worth everything you’re about to receive.

The starter salads

The 8 sharing starters arrived next and were as plentiful as they were moreish. If you asked, they brought another. The Minestrone Soup although not deemed to be an artisanal offering, was delicious in its delicate simplicity. The Chicken Satay with Red Cabbage Salad Dressed in Peanut Sauce was a favourite with its surprising smoked taste.

Minestrone Soup
Carrot Emulsion
Intersect Gyoza
Red Cabbage Salad
Baby Cuttlefish

There are 5 mains to choose from per individual. The Veal Tenderloin with Braised White Beans and Chorizo Oil was divine and the meat cooked to pink perfection! The Mushroom Barley Risotto with Sour Cream was the only option for vegetarians, but again, as a last minute declaration, the Sour Cream was replaced to have a tomato vegan risotto option. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Veal Tenderloin
Mushroom Barley Risotto

The Sharing Desserts were the only weakness in my opinion when classic cakes such as Carrot Cake, Apricot Tart and Cheesecake don’t look particularly appetising to reel you in. The Lemon Mousse with mixed Berry Compote however, was very, very good!

The Lemon Mousse with mixed Berry Compote

We’ll be coming back here to experience their a la carte menu for sure!

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