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KUSHI BY REIF | Japanese Soul Food

KUSHI by Reif is the smaller version of REIF Japanese Kushiyaki located in the grandiose gourmet Depachika Food Hall in Nakheel Mall on the Jumeirah Palm. Smaller does not in any way detract from the quality we know so well. It boasts signature sandos, ramens, donburis (rice bowls with protein toppings) and kushiyaki (grilled skewers) and more. On the opposite side is an additional dessert counter displaying Reif’s spin on 14 signature classic Japanese comfort cakes.

You are going to have to get several visits in to get through the menu – albeit a more condensed version – as you will be spoilt for choice and you’re going to want to try it all.

We’ve tried both the Chicken Katsu Sando (incredibly tender chicken with a delicate crispy coating and the finest shredded cabbage you will ever see), and the Truffle Tamago Katsu Sando (fluffy Japanese omelette) that practically melts in your mouth. Both superb. We know the Wagyu Sando from REIF Kushiyaki which may remain our favourite of all time, but we’ll struggle with which to order each visit, as we still have 2 sandos left to try on the menu for next time.

Chicken Katsu Sando
Truffle Tamago Katsu Sando

From the KUSHI menu section we had space to order a round of the Angus Beef and Truffle Mayonnaise, and it’s that wonderful smell that hits you first, followed by that first bite, carrying on right until your last and you’ll realise that it’s all gone and you’ll make a sad face. These are very high-quality skewers of meat, cooked to perfection!

Angus Beef and Truffle Mayonnaise

I’m not going to lie, the Don Buri rice bowls were not our favourites. We ordered the Tori Katsu with crispy chicken thigh, scrambled egg in dashi and onion and the Gyu with lightly seared Angus beef, pear pickles and Onsen egg. Though the toppings were truly delicious, the mass of plain glutinous rice underneath it all was an overkill.

Tori Katsu Don Buri
Gyu Don Buri

However, if you are craving a Ramen, look no further, as this is still the best Ramen in Dubai, in our humble opinion! We picked the 18hrs Chicken with ginger chicken broth, poached chicken breast (if you know of any other place that can get chicken this incredibly tender, let us know), egg and Bok choy, andthe utterly exquisite 72hrs Ribs marinated in spicy miso with spicy garlic broth.They are a mind-blowing riot of flavours and textures you won’t easily forget!

18hrs Chicken Ramen
72hrs Ribs Ramen
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