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LENA LU BOMBOLONI | Australian Bomboloni Doughnuts

The Bomboloni doughnut is a very unique doughnut experience and not at all traditional. These little Italian desserts with an Aussie twist is a Bomboloni family recipe passed down from a Sicilian Grandmother named Lena. Before hitting Dubai’s shores 2 months ago, this family business was only available in Perth, Australia.

These yeast raised style doughnuts are filled with a variety of tasty fillings. They are a lot less oily than traditional doughnuts and they are freshly made to order which definitely had my attention. A doughnut is not my first choice – I’ve never had a taste for them, but on learning their batches take over 5 hours to prepare with the use of natural ingredients, we went out to give these a try.

It takes around 10 minutes for your order to be freshly baked and prepared. They’re still very new and expecting their coffee machine to arrive soon, so once it’s all in place you’ll be able to have a brew while you wait. We took our doughnuts to go and they travelled pretty well considering we lugged them through a supermarket before getting home.

We ordered 3 each – I know, I know, but we skipped lunch and figured we could, and we did. Between us, we ordered the Custard, Mango, Pistachio, Cheesecake, Lotus and Blueberry Jam. I think the Pistachio surprised us the most, it’s a good combo with its buttery and nutty taste.

If you fancy trying these bombs out, get yourselves over there. Maybe best to eat them on the spot to get the extra freshly baked result!

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