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MAD TAILORS | Eclectic Twist on Mediterranean Cuisine

We’ve been to Mad Tailors for breakfast, we’ve been there for lunch, and we’ll be visiting a whole load more. This little bistro restaurant is wonderful! Its contemporary take on Renaissance décor adds to the senses of your palate with each dish served. And the seasonal gourmet coffee! They’ve served us some of the finest coffee beans we’ve had in Dubai.

Mad Tailor's golden interior décor and black and white art.
The Passion Fruit Juice Cocktail

There is a lot to be said when the chef strongly believes in regularly changing his menu. Je ne sais quoi keeps it real!

In the order shown, from the breakfast menu we’ve had the Foul on Toast with Italian Bresaola, Merguez Shakshuka and the MAD Torrija (Spanish version of French Toast)! Our lunch visit explored the new menu with the chef’s exquisite Wild Mushrooms Sticky Rice & Short Ribs, which literally melt in your mouth, and the house special, Greek Burger. We skipped starters, just so we could indulge in the desserts afterwards. The new Sticky Date Pudding is delicious and the butter Pistachio Mille Feuille with its silky pastry cream should be added as a house special.

Sticky Date Pudding
Pistachio Mille Feuille

There are more and more of these little independent restaurants popping up around Dubai now and we’re going to keep them firmly in our sights. Quality is hard to come by these days, but I dare say these guys are the top of their profession and they run it as they know it!

The Double Espresso & Chocolate Truffle
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