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MAIZ TACOS | Authentic Mexican Tacos

Finally!!! A casual place where you can eat great, freshly prepared and authentic Tacos and Burritos that would make a Mexican holler out with pride. This is a particular cuisine which is sadly lacking in Dubai, or rather one that has failed to offer anything good apart from the odd overpriced outlet in a fancy hotel. Maiz Tacos actually started out as a food truck business (which we have shamefully missed out on all this time), but now they’re set up in a lovely little Taco restaurant on the lower level of the Lakeshore Tower of JLT’s Cluster Y.

Their salmon pink wall is EVERYTHING…

Maiz Tacos pink salmon wall!

We sampled the El Jefe tacos, with their 6-hour slow cooked and marinated pulled angus chuck with salsa verde, fresh onion and coriander, which almost made us forget where we were. This is the closest I’ve gotten to an authentic Mexican taco in years. Thank you Maiz! The La Gringa tacos are amazing, with crispy battered and fried nile perch, pickled slaw, pico de gallo, avocado, chipotle aioli and topped with coriander. It is our stand-out favourite of the 2.

El Jefe Tacos
La Gringa Tacos

However, it would be a mistake to fill up completely on tacos, because you HAVE to order the ‘His Burrito’ too! If we had been wearing stretchy pants, we may very well have ordered another one, with its marinated angus flank steak with Mexican rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, cheddar cheese garnished with coriander and a side of chipotle sour cream.

His Burrito

These are such tasty treats, and it’s the top-quality ingredients and freshly made corn and flour tortillas that really tell you how much care has gone into this business.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of were the churros. Our order was unfortunately overdone on the outside making them a tad too hard and still undercooked in the centre. You want a combination of just golden on the outside making them crispy, not crunchy, and light and fluffy on the inside. However, given the quality of the rest of the food, we’ll concede that this could have been a hit-and-miss, and one to possibly try again on our next visit.


My cravings have been answered. This is the only way to go if you’re looking for truly good Mexican tacos, burritos and quesadillas for a reasonable price in Dubai!

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