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MAMA ZONIA | Mixed Fusion

A new sharing concept is upon us and boy oh boy is it good! Mama Zonia is inspired by Amazonian decor and fusion delights.

Welcome to Mama Zonia

We went for the Wild Sushi Scallop with yellow chilli passion fruit which just melts like butter, followed by a Sea Bass Ceviche with coriander, red chilli, and roasted sweet potato. The Spider Maki Roll with soft shell crab, tuna, tapioca, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo is delicious, but the dish that really got our attention was the compressed Watermelon, with yuzu ponzu, avocado sauce, mustard seeds and puffed quinoa. Everyone should be ordering this dish – it’s new, it’s fresh and it’s loaded with flavours and textures we would never have dreamt up ourselves. If they hadn’t told us it was watermelon, we would still be trying to figure it out!

Wild Sushi Scallop
Sea Bass Ceviche
Spider Maki Roll

In the hot dishes selection, we went for the Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with four pepper spice. If you’re not a fan of pepper, it’s probably not the wisest choice to make, but it was a tasty, cooked to perfection, peppery piece of meat! And then of course, we finished in style with the Mama’s Spice Braised USDA Prime Beef Short Ribs cooked for 14-hours over a log fire with confit ginger and garlic. The short ribs are rich and succulent and having now eaten them, we would probably order a salad to eat along side them next time. There are Fried Frogs Legs and Giant Tiger Prawns on the menu on our must try list, but it just leaves us with something more to look forward to on the next visit.

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin
Mama's Spiced Short Ribs

After the meat sweats, we managed to put in an extra effort to at least try 2 of the 3 desserts that were on the menu, or else we would have failed at christening this soft opening! The Wild Amazon Chocolate Pots are infused with citrus flavours and the Milk Caramel Cheese Cake was just what I needed to roll out of Mama Zonia! We’ll be back!

The Amazon Chocolate Pot
Milk Caramel Cheese Cake
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