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REIF KUSHIYAKI | Unconventional Japanese Street Food by Chef Reif Othman

We are so late to the party, but with good reason (a holiday in Georgia!). However, waiting this long to taste Chef Reif Othman’s food in his brand-new concept has only built the anticipation to dangerous levels! We had all the media teasers thrown at us, so our expectations were higher than ever, but thankfully Reif and his team did not disappoint.

Reif Chicken Rice

We were elated! Japanese street food at its finest. I will never eat another Chicken and Rice ever again, unless it’s this one! The chicken was exquisite, like butter to the touch and just darn right excellent in taste and texture. The rice, the chili sauce and the broth completed the dish to perfection. I could have happily ended there to say I ate Reif’s Chicken Rice, except we were on a mission and wanted to try as many dishes as we could!

Okay, the only thing we won’t crave to try again were the Reif Wings of minced chicken and stuffed rice. They didn’t set off any fireworks, but what was to follow will be eaten again, and again, and again…

The decadent Sanchoku Wagyu Sando, the surprisingly tangy and delicious Kimchi + Melon (not to be missed and quite frankly, also, not to be shared), Kushi Chicken Thighs and Teriyaki, Kushi Katsu Rock Shrimps, Gunkan Wagyu Kizami and the rich and tasty 18Hrs Ramen were all delicious.

Sanchoku Wagyu Sando
Kimchi + Melon
Kushi Chicken Thighs and Teriyaki
Kushi Katsu Rock Shrimps
Gunkan Wagyu Kizami
18Hrs Ramen

Reif Kushiyaki, you have excelled in producing a delightfully intimate venue with beautifully paired dishes that represent some of the best value in Dubai for such a high standard of cuisine.

Be warned: there is a waiting queue in the evenings that lasts anything from 30 mins up to an hour, but it does depend on the time of day. I don’t see this queue dying down any time soon. The word is out, and it delivers exactly what the reviews are preaching!

If you haven’t been yet, get your stretch pants on and be prepared to patiently wait for your table as this is a little 29-seater restaurant – honestly it won’t be an age – and eat your heart out while you watch the 9 chefs work their magic in their teeny tiny open kitchen.

Molten Cake

Oh, and make sure to end with their Molten ‘chocolate and peanut’ Cake. Perfectly acceptable as a sharing treat if you’ve made the effort to try as much of the menu as possible.

We also love that they bottle their own filtered water (still or sparkling). Well done guys!

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