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SLAB TEST KITCHEN | Experimental Seasonal Kitchen by Chef Omar Rodriguez

We thoroughly enjoyed SLAB’s Test Kitchen restaurant at La Mer. The gorgeous modern industrial décor and open plan kitchen works really well within the beach vibe location. Summer in Dubai is always quiet, but SLAB was still serving late afternoon lunchers when we went in to try out their summer menu.

SLAB Test Kitchen at Dubai La Mer
The fabulous watermelon salad with tomatoes, feta, EVOO, olives and mint.

We went for the Chicken Sando with kale slaw, pickle, SLAB white sauce and potato roll and the Koreano chicken sando with chili honey soy glaze, pickled daikon and spicy mayo and ordered a portion of the Korean Fried Chicken Wings with honey-soy-garlic glaze. Whatever you order, make sure the Watermelon salad with tomatoes, feta, EVOO, olives and mint is in there! The sweet and savoury combo is delicious and it’s a perfect and refreshing dish to order in this heat.

We shared an Insanity Pie for dessert with yoghurt ice cream to go with our coffees. The yoghurt ice cream is the perfect match to break down the sweetness of this delectable chewy slice.

Insanity Pie and Yoghurt Icecream
Capuccino and Double Espresso at SLAB

The menu changes on the 1stof October so you can bet we’ll be going to see what new seasonal dishes will be on show.

SLAB's gorgeous modern industrial décor.
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