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SOCIAL CLUB // LOCAL 21 with Moreish by K | Balkan meets Punjabi/Persian Cuisine

When 21grams launched their all-new Social Club // LOCAL 21 supper club series back in October we couldn’t have been more excited! Urosh, 21grams’ chef and his team get together with other local culinary talent to present truly unique one-off culinary creations. In this first instance they partnered with Kunwal, from Moreish by K, and together they concocted a tantalising fusion of Balkan and Punjabi magic to create an inspiring and intimate multi-course menu for us foodies in the UAE.

The Ajvar Mousse of red pepper relish, goat cheese, Serbian spicy beef pepperoni, caraway seeds and garlic infused chilli oil infectiously led us into the new dining experience, followed by a light Yakni Chicken Bone Broth with barley and angel hair chilli to help cleanse the palate for the gorgeously prepared dishes that followed.

Ajvar Mousse
Yakni Chicken Bone Broth

The Phyllo Pie with Punjabi spiced pulled beef, smoked yoghurt, toasted cumin and beetroot dust was delicious, and the Sea Bass with saffron, lemon, dill, butter and broad beans even more so. The mains’ grand finale was the 10 Hour-cooked Mutton Stew with homemade pasta and aged cheese which was the overall winner for most of the diners. However, I will forever argue between the Phyllo Pie and the Saffron Sea Bass for their unique and perfectly paired flavours, which to me achieved the Punjabi/Persian and Balkan partnership perfectly.

Phyllo Pie
Sea Bass
10 Hour-cooked Mutton Stew

The Custard Apple Mousse with its salted caramel and pistachio crumble was the perfect end to a perfect evening. A memorable dessert for such an extraordinary fruit!

Custard Apple Mousse

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