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THE LIME TREE CAFE & KITCHEN | Coffee House and Bakery

The Lime Tree Café has been around for donkeys, and still to this day, they make the BEST Carrot Cake ever. I haven’t actually tasted one I like more than this one anywhere else.

But now they also do another one of my favourites which turns out is only seasonal much to my disappointment. Their Roasted Apricot and Pistachio Tart! Since discovering this delicious tart, I found it so difficult to pass the Lime Tree and not go in and pick up a couple of slices to go. It’s a perfect ratio of pistachio’s to apricots and I’m thankful they’ve chosen apricots! They are my favourite baked fruit. Sadly, this is currently no longer available and has been replaced with a custard cherry tart that just doesn’t compete.

The Lime Cheesecake with White Chocolate is also a winner with us. It’s perfectly light, fluffy and so uncomplicated.

It’s still a lovely place to grab a simple bite for lunch or just to stop for a coffee and cake craving. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. You order what you want to eat by choosing from the fridge displays, breakfast items are up on the board, and you grab a seat and display your order number on your table until it’s ready to be brought to you.

Simple and still effective after all these years.

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