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THE LUNCH BUREAU | Artisanal Gourmet Cornish Pasties

From the perfectly crisp and buttery pastry to the hearty and tender meat fillings (try and say that really fast 3 times in a row) bathed in a rich gravy, there is much to be said and to thank The Curry Bureau for. As an adored Supper Club maestro, he has now gone and mastered the Cornish Pasty. How he manages to keep the fillings so juicy without the pastry getting soggy, even over the course of a delivery journey, is anyone’s guess!

The Lunch Bureau Cornish Pasty

We’ve watched him tease us with his painstaking testing process on his Stories, so this has long been in the making… with a touch of torment in the mix. With that said they are at long last here and we’ve already gone and ordered these twice (with double portions) in the span of a week.

Did we mention the packaging? Well done Sir for your environmental efforts – no plastic in sight.

Thank you for these really, really good pasties. With three flavours to choose from, my favourite is officially the Chicken and Mushroom, and T’s is the Traditional Beef. You won’t get another pasty quite like it in Dubai, these are made by a mighty dreamer with mighty ambitions.

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