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VILLAMORE | Mediterranean

To get to Villamoré, you have to trek through the opulent and ghastly interior design of the Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel on the Palm – it’s the formidable food awaiting you at the other end that makes you forget the scary lobby. The blue of various hues and white embellished décor has Greek flair but is somewhat overthrown by the Dalmatian spotted flooring which stands out like a sore thumb. It is located down by the beach and possesses a very relaxed ambience which will play out different atmospheric settings whether you dine there for lunch in glorious sunshine, or for dinner under moody sombre lighting.

Fritto Misto

There were two dishes we categorically had to try! First up, we ordered a Fritto Misto to share of calamari, prawn and sea bass, with a side of lemon and tartar sauce which we paired with a crisp white for our seafood night.

Seafood Paella

1. When you want a Seafood Paella! This one is loaded with prawns, mussels, clams, veal chorizo, and it delivers, just as a paella should. Divine! It easily becomes a sharing dish if you’re there to try several other dishes. 2. Now, the Risotto Nero (squid ink Carnaroli risotto) served with baby squid – is something else! This dish is my food heaven. This, is not a sharing dish. I don’t think we spoke till we were done, and I could have literally licked that plate clean.

Risotto Nero

There shouldn’t be room for more food when you’ve just devoured an entire portion of oozing rice, but there’s always an exception to sharing a dessert. It’s just a taste. Milk and Strawberry B’Stilla is, I think, the house special and you should share this with a group of four – or just have an entire one to yourself as a main. This filo pastry layered with mastic cream, strawberries, almonds and cinnamon is just delicious – you have to be careful not to inhale as you take a mouthful with a heavy coat of icing sugar. You have been warned.

Milk and Strawberry B'Stilla
Milk and Strawberry B'Stilla
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