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PRODUCT REVIEW | [qudos] to the Light

When Grand Stores asked me to review the [qudos] action video light, I hadn’t expected such a tiny thing to be so relevant! The setup is so compact, it integrates with your GoPro system seamlessly and the light only weighs in at 150 grams.

Not only does it pair with your GoPro, but it also mounts onto your DSLR or tripod with a cold shoe for your shots out of water. It’s pocket sized and handy!

All underwater photographers and videographers know how important light is to their equipment setup. They also know how expensive good lights are to come by. The [qudos] light won’t break the bank, it’s affordable and effective.

Colour is lost with depth and a GoPro on a dive loses all meaning when not paired with a light. The [qudos] action light by knog really does make a difference for close up action underwater and is waterproof up to 40m. There are 3 light modes to choose from (wide angle, narrow angle and ultra wide angle), with both a high (impressive) lumens and low lumens (70-400) option. I shoot photography in RAW so only use my GoPro 4 Black for video so I have pulled stills from the video clips for this demo.

Retail Price: AED 499

EDA Member Price: AED 375

Show your valid EDA membership card at any of the Grand Stores showrooms to receive your 25% discount on a [qudos] action video light.

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