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PRODUCT REVIEW | Rollei Actioncam 430

As an avid GoPro user for its quality and compact size, I was a little nervous when Grand Stores Digital asked me to try out and review the new Rollei Actioncam 430 – knowing all too well what the new GoPro Hero5 Black has to offer. Rollei’s most powerful camera offers complete 4k video resolution with an image rate of 30fps and I decided to test it out on a recent whale shark expedition in Djibouti which I’ve covered in our Diving Destinations section.

This little camera is exactly the same size as my GoPro Hero4 Black and I can use the same underwater housing and accessories – which in my book is a bonus – the batteries however, are not compatible, but then again, why would they be?

I have to say, the Rollei is incredibly easy to use, but I wasn’t impressed with the screen not being a touch screen like the GoPro. A force of habit is hard to break. Starting it up is very slow and you cannot press the shutter button and expect it to automatically start filming like the GoPro’s QuikCapture. You have to switch the Rollei on first, losing yourself about 10 seconds in the process.

The film quality is very good. The overall motion is very smooth and proves a good amount of detail. I felt the contrast and the tone fluctuated quite a bit in 1080p, which I was set on for the mornings I was out to film the whale sharks as I wanted the battery to last and I didn’t want massive sized files filling up the microSD memory card as the Rollei only takes 32 or 64GB cards.

The lens does suffer from flare when pointed directly into sunlight or at a light coloured surface reflecting light, but it generally produces good, clean footage. I hadn’t realised that the menu has a ‘Snow Mode’ for this exact purpose.

The photo time lapse option is great! For this though, I would have needed to set the camera up on a tripod and leave it for the amount of time I needed captured, but I was only testing the camera out for the water action. Sadly, I had to abandon it on several occasions due to it freezing over, and the only option available in that situation was to pull the battery out and reset it. Not at all what you want when you’re in water and there are whale sharks all around you just waiting to be captured on film.

To play it safe on my dives, I went back to my GoPro and paired it with the [Qudos] Action Light by Knog which are both also available from Grand Stores Digital. These little [Qudos] light beauties are a must for loss of light and colour at underwater depths and mounts snuggly alongside your GoPro or Rollei with the Action Camera Mount included.


  • 4K Video Resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels/ 30fps)

  • 2K Video Resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels/ 60fps)

  • Full HD Video Resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels/ 120/60/30fps)

  • 170° Super Wide Angle Lens

  • Loop function

  • Burst photo, photo time lapse

  • Integrated WiFi with up to 10m range

  • Simple camera access via App (iOS/Android) from your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Includes wireless remote control for wireless shooting up to 10m distance

  • Includes underwater/protective case for depths up to 40m

  • Battery run time up to 90 minutes (without WiFi, 1080p/60fps)


Width: 5.9cm

Height: 4.1cm

Depth: 2.1cm

Weight: 66g


Rollei provides the Actioncam 430 with a GoPro compatible accessory package. Two different back panels (1 x diving to a depth of 40 metres and 1 x splash protection for better sound recording), an ergonomic remote control device for the wrist (with strap) with a range of 10 metres and the safety pads with the secure release system (SRS) that have been recommended by experts.


  • Easy to use and filter through menu.

  • Can use GoPro accessories.

  • Good overall film quality.


  • Slow startup.

  • The camera does not sit tightly in the underwater housing. Rattled when shook.

  • Often freezes. The only solution is to pull out the battery (once out of water and with dry hands) to reboot the camera and you must then remember to reset the date and time.

  • Time stamp is on as default, much to my disappointment of later playing back video from a full morning with whale sharks to find the bottom right corner of screen taken up by offensive date and time countdown. You cannot see this when playing back directly from the Rollei.

  • Takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

  • Wide angle is the only option.

  • Not a touch screen.


When competing with giants such as GoPro, I envisaged a GoPro 4 look-alike’s price to be more competitive than it is. The all new GoPro Black Hero5, with built in advanced video stabilisation, voice control and now waterproof up to 10m without external underwater housing, is priced at AED1,599. The Rollei Acitioncam 430 is set at AED1,299, but there is an EDA member discount on offer.

If you’re a complete novice to video, then by all means, the Rollei is a great and simple camera choice! But if you’re looking for that little bit extra and you know your way around video, this little gadget may not be for you.

Design ★★★

Features ★★

Performance ★★★

Image Quality ★★★★


Rollei Actioncam 430 (Includes 21639 Rollei Zubehor Outdoor Set)

Original Price: AED 1,299

10% Discount for EDA Members

Total: AED 1,170

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