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KINOYA | Japanese Cuisine

This will have been the longest, most anticipated meal of our lives! Was it worth the wait? You bet your ass it was!

Kinoya Table Setting

I discovered and started following @astoryoffood back in March 2020 just when COVID hit, and I was instantly intrigued by her ramen supper clubs. I fought to get in on her home deliveries along with countless other people, with half the success of actually making an order, but sadly never received it. IG DM’s were never going to be in anyone’s favour.

I watched and read about all the blood, sweat and tears Neha put into this ramen dream and she is nothing short of brilliant! She has managed an incredible feat in such a short amount of time, and that is to be commended for the outcome is splendid. There’s been a lot of hype to contend with over all this time, but we put all that aside to enjoy our own personal experience with fresh and open minds.

Kinoya officially opened its doors on the 18th of April and we’ve only just now managed to get a spot booked after several attempts. A success story right there if I’ve ever heard one! We loved all the different spaces of the restaurant we saw, as well as the warmth and the simplicity. We were seated at the Chef’s table, the largest room in which your shoes are removed and tucked into a drawer at the entrance. It’s fun, it’s neat and it’s bustling. We of course knew exactly what we were ordering the moment we walked in.


The Spicy Miso Ramen was unavailable that night, so we opted for the special which replaced it, the Tantan Ramen with a sesame and peanut broth with minced beef. We also ordered the Shoyu Ramen with slow-cooked chicken broth and beef. Both were absolutely delicious. The ajitsuke tamagos (ramen eggs) were done to perfection. Both ramens (broth and noodles) were so delicate, not at all heavy and rich like some others we’ve had, and the seasoning was spot on. These were the last 2 dishes to arrive, and we managed to finish them without any struggles, which is an exquisite quality.

Tantan Ramen with a sesame and peanut broth with minced beef.
Shoyu Ramen with slow-cooked chicken broth and beef.

The Chicken Gyoza, Katsu Sando, Burnt Butter Scallops and the Wagyu Tsukune were all beautiful, especially the Wagyu Tsukune that just melted in our mouths. These were all just as delicate as their ramens that followed.

Chicken Gyoz
Katsu Sando
Burnt Butter Scallops
Wagyu Tsukune

And we had room for dessert! We opted for the Egg Flan and Strawberry Masu Parfait which were both the perfect sweetness and portion. A thoroughly good ending. This is one of the best valued, high quality restaurants with a license. Without a doubt, we shall return!

Egg Flan
Strawberry Masu Parfait

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